EP #636: AI: Hvad betyder AI for Content Marketing (Tekst, Lyd, Video og Billede)

I denne podcast-episode, “Marketingbrief” episode 636, diskuterer værterne Emil Kristensen og Halfdan Timm indflydelsen af kunstig intelligens (AI) på forskellige områder af digital marketing.

Denne episode transkriberet

In this podcast episode, “Marketingbrief” episode 636, hosts Emil Kristensen and Halfdan Timm discuss the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on various areas of digital marketing. They mention that AI has changed working methods and priorities within content marketing. In the past, organic searches were the top priority, but now AI content is starting to rank better than human-written content. This has led to changes in content production, with companies now focusing more on creating original and expert-based content, as AI’s strength lies in hindsight analysis rather than forward-looking predictions. The hosts also share an example with SleekNote where they use AI tools like ChatGPT and byword.ai to write large amounts of generic content and observe how it affects search engine results. They also discuss the role of AI in video production and point out how AI tools such as Adobe Firefly and Generative Field enable the creation of graphics and animations more efficiently. The hosts highlight that AI’s impact on marketing is complex, and some methods may be in a gray area when it comes to SEO practices. All in all, the episode points out how AI has changed the content marketing landscape and challenged traditional approaches to content production and search engine optimization.

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